Full Service Medical Billing.
Data Driven Insights.

Medical billing can be frustrating. It doesn’t need to be. ResolvMD offers full service medical billing paired with customized insights designed to help you practice at your best. We use artificial intelligence and decades of experience to help you Bill Better.

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30 Day Free Trial

Let us earn your trust before you fully commit. We offer all new customers 30 days of free billing services as a chance to get to know us, strengthen the relationship and see how the portal can help you understand your practice like never before.

Core Services

Full Service Claim Management

ResolvMD handles end-to-end claim processing and everything in between. Our billing specialists have years of experience and are here to help you at any time. We put in the time so you don’t have to.

Personalized Practice Insights

We built a first of its kind physician portal which lets you access personalized billing feedback and advice based on your billing data.

Ongoing Automation & Integration

Take advantage of automated billing through Connect Care and direct uploads from your phone or computer via our portal.

Simplified Physician Onboarding

We take the complexity out of figuring out which forms you need to fill out to start getting paid. Whether you are new to practice or not - our automated solutions and experienced billing clerks will walk you through a smooth and painless process.

Built-in System Optimization

Our processing system was built from the ground up to catch and correct errors before submission. Less deficiencies + optimized billing = fair remuneration without delay.

Modern Interface

Everything we designed was built to be clean, modern and intuitive. Information flows thoughtfully and seamlessly. We keep things simple so you don’t have to waste time or energy.

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Fully Managed Peace of Mind

As physicians, you've got enough on your plate already. You should not have to worry about missing billing codes and leaving money on the table or overusing certain codes and potentially triggering an audit. You should know what you are getting paid for and when it will be paid. You should be able to fully trust that every dollar you worked hard for will make it into your account, no questions asked. Transparency and accountability should not be optional. Neither should security and privacy. As a physician you are liable for any health information breaches from your billing agent ResolvMD offers fully managed, secure billing solutions so billing is an afterthought.

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About ResolvMD

ResolvMD is an experienced full service medical billing company that empowers physicians with benchmarked knowledge around how to bill more efficiently through data-derived insights and democratized knowledge. We believe you should be as confident and competent in your billing as you are in your practice. Our proprietary Physician Insights Portal harnesses the power of data to deliver customized insights directly to you in real time. No more second guessing yourself or feeling like you don’t have the transparency and accountability that you deserve. Paired with the most modern and secure platform on the market, you can rest easy knowing that we are taking care of all your billing needs while fine tuning your ability to understand best practices and earn what you deserve.

Want to Learn More?

Get in touch with us now to start your journey with ResolvMD. We are available to answer any questions and share more information. If you have a unique billing problem, don’t worry. Our platform is highly versatile ane we are more than happy to discuss custom integrations, collaborations or other solutions.