About ResolvMD

A full-service medical billing company

The Backstory

ResolvMD was formed by a group of like-minded physicians, billers, software developers and finance professionals. Each of us was motivated to solve specific problems…


Our physicians wanted to spend less time on billing, have less paperwork and access real-time insights. They did not want to waste time learning complex new software… so anything created needed to be simple, intuitive and seamless to work with.

Our billers were tired of the clutter and lack of integrations that could speed up the tasks that take hours. They wanted to be able to put time back into their control so they could focus on bringing on more physicians and delivering more value.

Our software developers have a love of all things efficient. They were truly shocked at the lack of automation, the absence of insightful information and the propensity for errors to slip through systems that should be designed from the outset to prevent them.

Our finance professionals couldn’t comprehend how the current offerings delivered full value for physicians or billers. It seemed as people’s highest valued asset - time - was being forgotten about. Companies that earn a client’s trust should continuously reinvest and improve to keep it.

In short, we all believed that the medical billing system could and should deliver more value for all stakeholders. If we built a solution that was focused on continual innovation and transparency, we could deliver immediate and ongoing positive impacts.

The Team

Marshall Ross, MD
Marshall Ross, MD
Co-Founder & President
Patrick Onyekweli
Patrick Onyekweli
Co-Founder & CEO
Ryan Allen, MD
Ryan Allen, MD
Co-Founder & COO
Jeff Nicholson
Jeff Nicholson

“Purposefully Designed Solutions to Financially Empower Physicians”

ResolvMD will be a leader in bringing financial technology products to physicians. The front-line experience is the focal point of our strategy: emphasizing solutions that decrease complexity, enhance productivity and optimize earnings in an end-to-end capacity. When a customer chooses ResolvMD, they choose to simplify their lives. Our products inspire trust, are rooted in accountability and transparency, provide insight and demystify the financial experience.

We stand for integrity, transparency and accountability. Whether you are trusting us to make sure you receive your hard earned paycheque or you are relying on us to keep information safe, protected and compliant, we know we have to deliver flawlessly. Trust is non-negotiable. We place a high value on creating more time. It’s a question we ask ourselves every day…how can we save more time without compromising on quality or service.

As a company, everything is talked about openly and honestly and we take all feedback seriously. We want to work with you to make sure your voice is heard and your needs are met. When we say we will develop solutions that work for you, it’s based on having open lines of communication that enable success. Let us know what you think, let us know what we need to improve, let us know how we can help and we promise to make it worth the effort.

You trust us to keep the most sensitive information secure and private. We have completed a Privacy Impact Assessment that we follow to the letter. All our integrations are with top tier counterparts that are respected in their industries. Our software is built on the most robust security protocols. All of our processes use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure the highest level of security. We will continue to innovate to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and keep you from having to worry about it.

Want to Learn More?

Get in touch with us now to start your journey with ResolvMD. We are available to answer any questions and share more information. If you have a unique billing problem, don’t worry. Our platform is highly versatile ane we are more than happy to discuss custom integrations, collaborations or other solutions.